Spektakel Plesir! is a package that giving you an opportunity to be involved in art and culture activities in Indonesia. Get special access to engage with various art and culture activities with the community; designed and facilitated by local host.

Made for you who want to be part of a festival or perform in a traditional event. Gives you a rare opportunity to be involved in an art and culture activity.

Get in-depth experience and directly connected with the artist. You can stay in a village where the maestro live and give you a fruitful knowledge of the practice of his/her art and cultural activities. This is happening while you're experiencing daily life of the artist.

If you are into social action for a better change, this program will give you an experience to meet, learn, and work with the social change agents. Environment, education, art and much more, are waiting for your involvement. Results from this program will be given 100% to the social workers and groups.

You can ask us for a customized package, following your interest and need. Participant in a group form can request a package adjusted to your need.

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