( 5 days 4 nights )
Baliem Valley, Papua

The Dani, Lani, and Yali tribes live in the intriguing Baliem valley at around 1600 meters above sea level in the central mountains of Papua. Ever since its discovery, the landscape of this breathtaking valley has fascinated many. 

The inhabitants are a wonderful sight too. They wear magnificent attributes to show their identity. The men traditionally wear koteka (penis covers) and the women sali (frilly skirts). Both are made from a variety of natural fabrics. 

Numerous books and magazines in Indonesia and abroad have been adorned with pictures of this exotic valley and its inhabitants. But still, Baliem valley is a rare find for tourists. 

SpektakelPlesir! invites you to visit the valley and interact with the local people.  We plan to do many things together with the Dani, the largest tribe inhabiting the valley. 

Collect salt in hot springs, learn their tribal dance, engage in friendship rituals of "stone burning” (bakar batu), and make a traditional Baliem valley outfit. Live with the Dani in their original settlement complex. Inhale the fresh air, embrace the cold weather, and experience the real local live of the Baliem valley.

Trip schedule:
7 - 11 August 2018

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Day 1 : Jayapura - Wamena

Flight: Jayapura – Wamena, Meals: lunch, dinner.

Arrive in Jayapura, Papua. Then we fly to Wamena (± 1 hour).

After arriving in Wamena, we go straight to Obia village. Kurulu district. Meeting the hosts and adapting to their livelihood. Staying in Obia.

Day 2 : Obia village

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast, we will join some of the locals to go to the hotspring where they mine salts. 2 hours trekking from Obia. The whole day will be spend at the hotspring. Watching closely how the Dani people manage their need for salt since long ago. In the evening we shall gather by the bonfire to talk and discuss things related to the Dani tribe cultures. Staying in Obia..

Day 3 : Obia village

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Today we spend an entire day in the village. Learning how to make the traditional attires, such as Sali (women’s skirt), Koteka (penis sheath), and Noken bag. In the afternoon we will see how this attires being wear as the locals performing their war dance and youth dance. As a finishing, we do the stone burning (bakar batu) ritual, as a sign of friendship with the locals. Staying in Obia. 

Day 4 : Baliem valley

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

After breakfast we will visit several interesting spots in the Baliem valley. Start by going to Lake Habema, one of the highest lake in Indonesia (± 3600 masl). We continue by visiting the Baliem Valley resort to check the majestic landscape of Baliem valley from a higher ground. Then we go to one of the village in the valley which still kept the mummified remnant of their “Great Chief”. In the evening we shall do a barbeque party with our host. Expressing our gratitude for the warm welcome and farewell as well. Staying in Obia.

Day 5 : Wamena - Jayapura

Meal: breakfast..

Breakfast finish, we head for the airport to fly to Jayapura. From Jayapura we fly back to our origin city. 

The journey’s end.


  • January 2018 to December 2018, limited seats available:
  • Maximum 10 person, on every schedule.
  • Booking fee: 30% from the quotation.
  • Repayment should be done 14 (fourteen) days before the departure date.

Starting point: Sentani airport, Jayapura, Papua.

End point: Sentani airport, Jayapura, Papua.

Trip schedule: 7 - 11 August 2018


  • Flight tickets Jayapura – Wamena – Jayapura
  • Land transports
  • Meals as being mention in the itinerary
  • Giveaways for the locals
  • Traditional performances
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fee if needed
  • Local permits
  • Accomodations with our hosts
  • Travel insurance (Zurich Indonesia)


Not included:

  • Flight tickets to and from Jayapura
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal interest
  • Tipping


Things to bring: 

  • Consuming anti-malaria medications beforehand
  • Adequate amount of clothes
  • Warm clothing
  • Mosquito net and anti-mosquito lotion
  • Sleeping bag and small mattress
  • Flashlight
  • Sunblock and hat
  • Comfortable all-terrain shoes
  • Sandal
  • Raincoat or small umbrella
  • Personal medications
  • Favourite foods or snacks
  • Camera.

General Terms:
  1. Participants with chronic or congenital disease have to inform Spektakel Plesir! in writing prior to the trip.
  2. Spektakel Plesir! are not responsible for delays / changes of flight schedule or missing the flight due to the participants’ oversight. The travel plan will be modified properly in case of delay / change of flight schedule. Any additional costs incurred due to missing the flight will be charged to the participants.
  3. In case of flight cancellation on the departure day, any matters related to the participation in the trip have to be discussed first. If the final decision is to cancel/postpone the trip, refund of the trip expenses will be distributed after recalculation of the refundable fees to the participants is made.
  4. In case of flight cancellation on the return day that results in additional cost, discussion will be held to share the cost with other participants.
  5. Sailing, snorkeling, diving (including free-diving), trekking, hunting, and other activities done during the trip are high-risk activities that can produce minor or major incident.
  6. Registration and participation in this trip are done with the full consent of the participants without any coercion. Accidents that occur during the trip are the responsibility of the participants. Spektakel Plesir! are not to be sued in the event of accident. However, Spektakel Plesir! will help as far as possible if this happens.
  7. Every trip schedule has been well planned in consideration of nature and weather condition, but if extreme weather changes take place during the trip, resulting in changes and/or cancellation of the trip, Spektakel Plesir! cannot be condemned for this force majeure.
  8. Various additional activities (optional) to be done during the trip have to undergo the confirmation of Spektakel Plesir! prior to departure.
  9. This trip is protected by local travel insurance.
  10. Trip participants are considered to agree with the General Terms of this trip in case of the lack of email/confirmation to Spektakel Plesir! prior to the departure day regarding the aforementioned conditions.

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