( 6 Days 5 Nights )
Wakatobi, Sulawesi

The Bajo tribe, or commonly referred to as the Bajo people, has the majority of settlers in Sulawesi and is widely known as a sea nomad. In addition to the island around Sulawesi, Bajo tribal settlements scattered in dozens of other provinces in Indonesia. Some settlements even exist in countries of the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, up to Thailand.

We will visit one of their settlements in Mantigola, near Kaledupa Island, the Tukang Besi islands better known as Wakatobi Islands. Wakatobi is an acronym of the 4 major islands of the archipelago; Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko where there is a very famous National Park for its underwater beauty.

In this archipelago The Bajo people have lived for tens of generations with settlements scattered in several locations in the Tukang Besi islands. The Bajo do not live on land, spend most of their lives on the sea. Their main livelihood is fishing.

We invite you to experience life with the Bajo tribe. Feel their daily lives as Sea people. Living in the homes of the Bajo Tribe people, we will do many activities such as learning to pedal a boat, free diving while hunting fish, processing a variety of marine products, make swimming glasses a la Bajo, to learn their unique martial arts.

Day 1. Meeting venue: Matahora Airport, Wanci.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Arrive from Jakarta at Wangi-Wangi. We will go straight to the restaurant on the seafront for lunch. Afterwards we head for the Bajo Tribe village in Mantigola to check in at the Hosts' premises. In the afternoon we have the opportunity to look around while interacting with the residents.

Day 2. Mantigola and the surrounding.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

After breakfast we will learn to boating with the people of Bajo Tribe. While learning to control the boat, we will visit several fishing hunts that are the main work for this community. In addition to hunting fish, they also collect other marine animals such as sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

Day 3. Mantigola.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

In this day we will immediately learn how to process their traditional hunting results. We will learn how to process fish, sea cucumbers, or sea urchins to be a healthy and nutritious food menu. Of course a la Orang Bajo.

Day 4. Mantigola and the surrounding waters.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

In the morning after breakfast, we will go back to fish hunting and learn free diving like the Bajo people do. This activity will be carried out in the waters around Mantigola which is famous for having a Marine Park with a captivating fauna diversity. During the day we will return to the township for lunch and rest for a while. In the afternoon until evening we will join the local community to learn their unique martial arts. Other option; we will learn to make sunglasses a la Bajo.

Day 5. Mantigola - Wangi-wangi.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Today we will return to Wanci on Wangi-wangi island. After completing the Mantigola route to Wanci we will check in at the hotel. Then we can also learn to make a kite from the leaves of Sukun tree while enjoying the beauty of Wangi-wangi island.

Day 6. Wangi-wangi.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

After breakfast we will go to Wanci market to enjoy the thrill of local economy. Then we will have lunch a little early and afterwards go to Matahora Airport to back home. The trip is over.

Travel availability: September 2017 - February 2018

Meeting venue: Matahora Airport, Wangi-wangi, Wanci.

OPEN PACKAGE for up to 10 participants. There is a special package of SOLO TRAVEL and small group.

Prices start from 7,370,000 IDR

10% of Down Payment of the agreed price. The down payment will be fully refunded if the trip is canceled because it does not meet the Open Package quota.

Price included:

  • 1 night hotel in Wanci (shared room, 1 room 2 person)
  • All ground transportation during the trip
  • Meals as being mentioned
  • Giveaways (oleh-oleh) for the Locals
  • Local guide
  • Local permit

Price not included:

  • Flight tickets to and from Padang
  • Personal Expenses
  • Personal porter
  • Insurance
  • Tipping

Things to bring:

  • Adequate amount of clothes
  • Mosquito net and/or mosquito repellent
  • Sleeping bag and small mattress
  • Flashlight
  • Sunblock and a hat or cap
  • All terrain trekking shoes
  • Sandal
  • Raincoat or small umbrella
  • Personal medications
  • Personal foods or snacks
  • Camera

General Condition

  1. Participant with chronic illness and/or congenital disease obliged to inform to Plesir! before the trip.
  2. Plesir! is not responsible for the delay/schedule changes/cancelation of flight nor participant's negligence to cause flight changes or cancelation. We will adjust ittinerary as best as possible. Any extra cost will be the responsibility of the participant.
  3. If participant canceled the trip up until a day before, we will discuss about the refund and Plesir! will do the refund 15 days after the trip is done.
  4. If there's flight cancelation on the end of the trip that caused extra cost, it will be charged collectively with every participant.
  5. Sailing, snorkeling, diving (including free diving) and trekking is a hih risk activity that can cause small or big injury.
  6. Your participation is based on your will without any force. Any accident during the trip is under responsibility of each participant. Plesir! will not be sue for any accident, but we will do every precaution act to avoid the risk and give maximum help to overcome.
  7. We take into consideration every aspect of the trip, but if there's a change because of nature force such as extreme weather that cause trip plan changes, the Plesir! is not taking any blame for this force majeure condition. 
  8. Every optional activities that participant want to have is obliged to be reported to Plesir! before the trip.
  9. Plesir! is not taking insurance coverage for this trip. 
  10. We consider the participant is agreed with this General Condition if there's no notification before the trip start. 

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